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Coming Full Circle


I have come full circle! I was trained in the College of Art, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, in Ghana, West Africa. I practised for years producing sculptures in wood and clay. Touched by the suffering of the poor, I joined a charity and spent more time working with young people and poor communities. I then moved into education and finally over the last 10  years until recently, I was working in the corporate sector providing training to blue chip companies. Now, I have come back to my first love ART.

I tell you about this journey because it has informed my perspective on life and my creativity. I believe that people have the capacity to become excellent human beings, living pure and harmonious lives, coexisting with all of creation.  I am inspired by the miracle of life itself, it’s beauty, complexity and mystery. In my work, I invite the viewer to not only enjoy the image or object, but to come on an introspective journey with me, using my art as the catalyst for change. 

The fundamental question I explore is; what is our (your) experience here in this universe all about?  I do not attempt to impose any trend of thought, but merely to challenge the viewer into looking and seeing differently.  While I push the boundaries, experimenting with different materials and approaches, I maintain a dialogue between traditional Ghanaian (African) image making and Modernism within a contemporary globalised world. 

I began my rebirth in the art space with my 'Identity' collection.  

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