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The Artist Reborn

Kwame Akpokavi | ART 


Original African mixed-media fine artwork and prints from renowned Ghanaian artist Kwame Akpokavi. 


Kwame’s vibrant and intricate fabric collages beautifully combine his traditional Ghanaian roots with Modernism. His art uses imagery from both contemporary modern sources and Black African culture to question his identity and explore global issues.  Through large canvases filled with striking colours, textures and shapes derived from sources such as nature, religion and popular culture, his works challenge us to reflect on the beauty, joy, complexity and mystery of life.


Visit the shop to purchase original artworks and limited-edition fine art prints from Kwame’s portfolio.


Kwame Akpokavi | EDUCATION


Kwame’s passionate belief in the positive transformational properties of art extends off the canvas and into his interaction with the people around him.  Based in Warrington, Cheshire, he leads programmes and workshops for community groups, schools and businesses throughout the UK and internationally. The focus is on using individual creativity and group collaboration to overcome challenges and bring very real and lasting benefits.


Contact Kwame to book a workshop online or find out more about tailored workshops for schools, community groups and businesses.

"Using fabrics (African prints) like paint, my collages speak a common language, with a distinctive Kwame accent."

Kwame Akpokavi



United Kingdom


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